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IVK Mo'fyah Hot Wings Challenge

Portion of 10 wings in five minutes or less 

Minimum of five challengers

The challenge will last for ten minutes - five minutes for wings another five minutes seated

and you're not allowed to take a beverage 

Participants involved  are only allowed to drink items purchased at the Stratford East Bar (paid for by themselves at the bar) or no drink at all 

Participants must be 18 or over

 5 participants minimum for the Competition to commence 

Maximum 80 participants at any one time 


£10 entrance fee for participants - available through Eventbrite (link to be added)

Participants must finish all 10 wings completely 

I.e. no meat left on bone 

Participants with the cleanest finish wing i.e. just the bone and with there hand up first is the winner

I.e. 1st to finish from the start of the stopwatch to the 1st to finish all 10 wings.. with their hand up 

Judges decision (supervising staff / judging competitions) 

Prizes to be handed out at the end of each competition with five or more participants 

Competitions will not be held with less than five competitors 

Competitors are encouraged to bring along family and friends to participate or support 

Please bear in mind any additional beverages required are to purchase by the participants 

Outside drinks and not permitted at this competition  

All participants are expected to fill in a waiver document prior to starting the competition.. this is to give any participants full responsibility for the undertaking of this challenge

IVK encourages those with health or underlying medical conditions to not undertake this challenge 

These IVK wings are extremely hot so hence the competition.. these particular wings are not available on our IVK stand menu at this time.. they are created specifically for this challenge

All our meat products are certified halal.. using 100% quality ingredients.. with vegan and gluten-free options available


Prizes on offer include

A bottle of Caribbean rum 

Or bottle of Sparkling wine 

And/or 2 free meals from the IVK menus 

Plus additional 20% off any future meals from IVK for 1 year at all IVK from competition date 

Competition winners will also have the opportunity to be showcased on our winners board on our website 



Competition intended to be held Monthly

(proposed dates 19th of every month)

At theIsland Vibez Kitchen (IVK) restaurant, located inside the:

Stratford East Bar 

Gerry Raffles Square, London 

E15 1BN


A letter of consent or waiver when competing in the hot wings challenge - (still to be amended)

I.e.. I hear by read and understand that I take this challenge at my own risk 

Being of sound mind and good health 

This challenge is created as a bit of fun but these wings are IVK special recipe super spicy and not to be underestimated 


By sign this waiver i agree to take this challenge at your own risk


Participant signature - 

Manager signature -



Rules and Grounds for Disqualification of the IVK 10 Deadly Wings Challenge

Are you sure you want to do this?

there’s no shame in backing out

You must eat 10 chicken wings in 5 minutes

All wings must be clean of meat

There is a 5 minute burn period after completion

You must stay seated for the full duration of the challenge

You must eat the chicken wings of the bone ( no picking the meat off)

You must not drink during the challenge and during the burn time

You must use your fingers to eat the wings

Gloves must be worn during the challenge

You may not wipe the sauce off the chicken wings

You must not be under the influence of any substance

You must complete and sign the disclaimer prior to the challenge

You cannot start the challenge prior to the starting signal

You cannot wipe your mouth with any form of cloth or clothing including napkins

during the challenge

You cannot go to the bathroom

The challenge must be witnessed and timed by an authorized judge

You agree that any photos taken during the challenge can be used on our

social media pages (win or lose)

Any increase in sexual performance after the challenge is purely coincidental

Vomiting will result in instant disqualification and total shame

Remember you agreed to do the challenge. Don’t blame anyone else

Have you made a will?

Good Luck. You are going to need it

IVK Mo'fyah Hot Wings WINNERS



All our meals are HALAL
For full allergen ingredients or any other additional information please do not hesitate to ask a member of staff when you place your order or please feel free to contact us if we can help in anyway

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